Perimenopause | Menopause

Are you feeling that the change is on its way or has arrived?

It is bewildering that there is so little focus on perimenopause and menopause, given that 51% of the population spend up to FOUR decades of their lives in these life phases. It is also frustrating that there is a societal stigma about "leaving youth" behind, when it is a normal phase and there is still so much life to be lived.


I have a special interest and passion to help women live well through these years. There are a couple of reasons for this: I have "arrived" myself, and I see so many women suffering in silence. It really doesn't have to be this way.

If you are in your forties, your hormones have gone a little haywire and things seem a bit out of control, you are (probably) in the process of perimenopause.


Are you experiencing some of these common symptoms?


Heavy and erratic periods, breast pain, intermittent hot flushes, migraines, heart palpitations, sleep disturbances, irritable mood, anxiety and depression.

Fun, hey?  Well, rest assured that much can be done to reduce your symptoms.  Perimenopause is temporary and is a critical window to help deliver you safely and happily into the third phase of your life. 

So, if you're ready to know where you're at with your hormones, sleep well, control that irritable woman (who is she anyway?) and generally find the balance you're desperately seeking, let me help you through perimenopause with a naturopathic consultation. 

Smiling Woman
Calm Woman

If you haven't had a period in 12 consecutive months, you have officially arrived at the "life phase" menopause.


Are you experiencing some of these common symptoms?


Flushing, night sweats, insomnia, mood disturbances, muscle and joint pain, vaginal changes, skin crawling, forgetfulness and an overall diminished sense of wellbeing.

First, menopause is a normal life phase, so any stigma attached to it should be released. Remaining strong, healthy and happy through these years is absolutely possible.

Improved mood, better sleep, weight management and banishing flushing will make you feel like a new woman. It will also pay off in volumes in the long term by supporting your heart, bones and brain health. Let me help you through menopause with a naturopathic consultation.

Don't suffer through - there, is much that can be done, so if you are ready to thrive (not just survive), I'm here to help. 


"What I most appreciate about Helen as a Naturopath is her dedication and commitment to her field and to you, her client, as well as her extensive knowledge base. She listens, carefully considers the best treatment approach for you, explains and shares her knowledge, always providing you with resources, and provides continued support. She does not follow a 'cookie-cutter' approach. Irene