Cancer Support

Do you or someone you know need support with cancer?

Today, many people have come to appreciate the benefits of an integrative approach to cancer care. This approach is not in opposition to medical oncology treatment but supports it. I take an evidence-based integrative naturopathic approach to support people undergoing medical oncology treatments.

​Providing you with knowledge about eating to starve cancer and why movement is so critical and using evidence-based natural therapies to provide support is all part of what I do.  Communicating openly with your oncologist and care team is also necessary and is part of what I do.  

I'm also passionate about restoring a sense of wellbeing to people after their treatment to enhance their survivorship.

Clinical Specialities

I mostly see people with breast, endometrial (uterine), prostate, colon and brain cancers. I also support people with other types of cancers. Please know that if I’m not the integrative naturopathic practitioner for you, I will refer you to a practitioner (locally and sometimes internationally) with the expertise related to your specific diagnosis.

My ongoing commitment to integrative naturopathic oncology care led me to completing a graduate certificate in evidence-based medicine through the University of Tasmania in 2016.  This was to sharpen my ability to research when finding the best and most current evidence available. ​I have also completed a 12-month intensive course, Integrative Oncology in Practice eCourse sponsored by BioCeuticals and taught by Dr Lise Alschuler, ND, FABNO (USA) in 2018. I continue to undertake a variety of courses and ongoing reading to stay up to date in naturopathic oncology care.


So, if evidence-based integrative naturopathic oncology support is something you are seeking, I'm here to help. 

A Cancer Story

You can live and breathe wellness and still get cancer.  Good health puts us all in a better position to live a cancer-free life, but I learned the hard way that healthy people can still get cancer. ​Many years ago, I had the misfortune to be diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer.  My first emotion was horror; the second was shame.  Being a healthy naturopath, I felt as though I'd failed at my own game.  Over time, after looking into the many drivers of cancer, I was able to reframe this.  We only have control over what we eat, how we move and the health of our own homes (and even then, it is naïve to think that we have complete control of these!).  We live in a world of carcinogens, and our genetics play a significant role. These, along with many other factors can lead to this terrifying diagnosis.

​This diagnosis propelled me into a world of research. I consulted with Lise Alschuler, a wonderful US-based integrative oncology naturopathic doctor who became my true north in the early days of my cancer journey. Like most, I was prepared to do whatever it takes to regain my health.  

​Many years on, I'm pleased to report that, I'm cancer free and living a full, happy and healthy life.  The outcome of this journey is that I now have a lot to offer those facing this diagnosis. It is not my survival that qualifies me to support you; it is the knowledge I gained through my own journey and my postgraduate learning that has given me the skills to work in this space.  ​What my own journey has done is enabled me to know what it feels like.  I believe that this has given me a greater level of compassion and understanding for those facing a similar journey. 


"What I most appreciate about Helen as a Naturopath is her dedication and commitment to her field and to you, her client, as well as her extensive knowledge base. She listens, carefully considers the best treatment approach for you, explains and shares her knowledge, always providing you with resources, and provides continued support. She does not follow a 'cookie-cutter' approach. Irene