I am passionate about educating people toward better health. I have a wealth of experience in public speaking; presenting to schools, gyms and health clubs, community and corporate groups on a range of topics such as family health, the pitfalls of sugar and processed foods, reducing stress, improving your energy, healthy snacking, menopause, immune health and many more topics. 

Are you an employer or a human resource manager looking to;


  • Reduce sick days?

  • Beat the office bugs?

  • Reduce work place injuries?

  • Improve office morale?

  • Improve productivity?

  • Manage stress more effectively?


If so, read on;

Prior to my career as a naturopath, while practising as an accountant for 10 years, I worked long hours under demanding conditions. Hence, I am aware of the obstacles to staying healthy in an office environment, including dietary and lifestyle factors such as:


  • Excessive caffeine intake

  • Unhealthy snacking

  • Over-eating out of boredom

  • Lack of quality sleep and exercise

  • Beating the winter bugs.


The outcome of these habits may include:

  • Low productivity

  • Lowered immunity and more sick days

  • Unmotivated and sluggish employees

  • Workplace injuries

  • Stressed and strung out employees.


Education can help to vastly improve the health and productivity of your employees. I offer fun, inspiring and informative on-site presentations specifically tailored to your requirements. My one-hour presentations are a highly beneficial investment to the welfare of your business and employees.


To find out more about how I can benefit your company or community please call me on 9389 5109 or email me at I would be delighted to discuss how I can make your workplace or community a healthier place.


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