Evidence-based Naturopathic Care


Are you feeling out of balance or just not your old self?

Or have you seen a lot of specialists over the years and know a lot about what's going on for you but still don't feel well?   Are you seeking care tailored to your needs from a practitioner who takes the time to really listen and understand? 


Let's work together to find the root cause of the problem, correct any imbalances and restore your body to optimal health using safe and effective natural remedies.

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 Hi there

I'm Helen, an experienced naturopath who's passionate about all things health.


With 19 years in clinical practice, and an abundance of ongoing postgraduate learning, I have the tools to help restore your health.  My goal is to deliver excellence in naturopathic care.

I practise in Cowaramup, Nedlands as well as online and treat people with a broad spectrum of health conditions.

Do you want to:

— get well without another course of antibiotics

— drop a few kilos and reduce your cholesterol

— stop catching everything that’s going around

— stop feeling stressed and in overwhelm

— sleep soundly and have more energy

— sort your hormones out

— or just have a bit of a tune up?

If this is you, you're not alone. I am here to help.

My approach

— My treatments are holistic, thorough and well researched.

— I integrate evidence-based natural medicine with traditional naturopathic medicine to restore health.

— I emphasise food as medicine and will provide you with comprehensive recipe ebook to help integrate any dietary changes.

 —I focus on education to empower you to make lasting changes.

— I recommend nutritional supplements and herbal interventions as required.

— I am warm, understanding and realistic and will meet you where you're at. 

— And I listen.


"What I most appreciate about Helen as a Naturopath is her dedication and commitment to her field and to you, her client, as well as her extensive knowledge base. She listens, carefully considers the best treatment approach for you, explains and shares her knowledge, always providing you with resources, and provides continued support. She does not follow a 'cookie-cutter' approach. Irene