Coping? Stressed? 


Stress is a natural, evolutionary body response. You will instinctively react to stress in life with a fight, flight or freeze type reaction. It may be an acute stressful event such as an exam or public speaking, or it may be the

ongoing challenge of raising kids, the daily commute, or financial pressures. Your body will still have a response, even if you do not feel like you’re stressed. You don’t have to be ripping your hair out to be suffering from the effects of stress.


Symptoms of Stress

Stress can be an underlying factor behind a myriad of health conditions, and can present itself in many different ways. Symptoms of acute, current stress include: low energy, difficulty sleeping, poor memory and concentration, mood changes, and digestive disturbances. Long term stress may lead to hormonal and thyroid imbalances, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

Stress can be both a cause and a consequence of ill health, which is why it is so important to deal with your stress now. Not only will you feel better now, but it will benefit your health in the future.


Stress Busting Diet and Lifestyle Tips

Implement these simple strategies every day to keep on top of your stress:

• Limit caffeine and alcohol.

• Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugary foods.

• Enjoy a small amount of dark chocolate.

• Enjoy exercise and physical activity.

• Engage in activities that make you happy.

• Try meditation - deep and conscious breathing calms your nervous system.


Support to manage stress

There are fantastic herbs and nutritional supplements that can help to manage the effects of stress which in turn can greatly improving anxiety, energy, depression, sleep and more!  So let me support you to a calmer, happier and more rested you.


GUT health


Humans have been consuming probiotics for many thousands of years. They now play an increasingly important role in the human diet as antibotics, processed foods, the oral contraceptive pill, and stress all effect the bacteria of our gut. 


When addressing gut health it is always important to include probiotic, prebiotic and colonic foods in the diet.


Different probiotic strains have different actions, in the same way athough dogs are the same species, there are different breeds, shapes, and have different strengths.  We wouldn’t choose a chihuahua to round in a mob of  sheep, or a cattle dog to sit in a hand bag! 


In the same way we use different strains of bacteria for different therapeutic applications.  This is known as strain specificity.


Prebiotics and colonic foods play an equally important role in gut health. 

Probiotics, prebiotics and colonic foods come from a wide range of food sources such as;


  • Vegetable based fermented food such as sauerkaut and kim chi.

  • Dairy based fermented foods such as kefir and yoghurt.

  • Tempah (fermented soy isoflavones) and miso.

  • Resistant starches such as psyllium husk.

  • Green tea, dark cocoa, almonds and many more sources.


To choose the right strain of probiotic and also to address the underlying causes of any gut problems contact me today to make an appointment.



Winter is here


As soon as someone sneezes at work, school or home, you find yourself with yet another cold? Do you tell yourself that next year you will be more prepared?  


By including zinc, vitamin C, the correct strain of probiotic and an immune tonic in your immune first aid kit, you will be well on the way to a cold-free winter. 


In addition, by incorporating these handy tips into your life, you will improve your resistance and support recovery from colds and flus:


  • Rest!  Give your body a chance to gather strength and make sure you get a good night's sleep.

  • Eat warm nourishing foods.  Studies show that home-made chicken and vegetable soup can help you break mucous down that often comes with colds and flus.  See my recipe section for a healthy immune chicken and vegetable soup. 

  • Eat foods such as garlic, ginger, onion and chilli to help fight off illness, warm you up and reduce inflammation. 

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. 


If you would like to make up an immune first aid kit for yourself and/or family this winter, I would be happy to help you beat the winter bugs.